A Guide to DAATS’ Digital and Audio Transcription Services

Need quick transcripts of your PhD interviews or for other professional and academic reasons? You will find a myriad of companies offering the transcription services and flaunting the same on fun and colorful websites, but we believe we, at DAATS (Digital and Audio Transcription Services), take it one step further. We aim to please and we respond the fastest. If you want your work done in time with the most accuracy, you can trust our services to take care of your academic or professional reputation. 

The Services We Provide

We offer multiple services, centering around transcriptions- both digital and audio. Below is a list of services you can avail with us:

  • Data entry services
  • Insurance transcriptions
  • Finance transcriptions
  • Legal and police transcription services
  • Proofreading
  • Academic research transcriptions
  • Media transcriptions
  • Medical transcription services
  • Digitisation of VHS and audio tapes

If you are looking for transcription services in Adelaide, DAATS can sort you out! 

The Process

With years of completing hordes of transcription projects, our team at DAATS has developed a unique process that caters to our convenience and your best interests. Our experience ensures our projects are wrapped up with utmost efficiency and professionalism. We have broken down the process of digital and audio transcription into a handful of simple steps to drive accuracy. We guarantee your satisfaction with your project and the personal touch we add into it.

Here’s a look at how we operate:

A secure password will be provided to access your personal folder from our server. You will then have to upload your personal file to our server, at which point we will be automatically notified via mail. As soon as it is ready for us to download, we start assessing your file to understand the audio thoroughly. We scour through the length of the video to better determine the expertise required for the particular transcript. Based on whether it calls for medical, technical, or popular knowledge, we begin transcribing with corresponding tonality.

We then assign your project to the most qualified transcriber for the job. You are our first and only point of contact when any queries, inconsistencies, or miscellaneous problems arise. We do not wait till the completion of your project to discuss obstacles on the way. Our expert proofreaders listen to the audio and proof the work for appropriate grammar, spelling, punctuation, and overall consistency standards.

Finally, once the project is transcribed, we review it thoroughly one last time, checking for errors and ensuring it abides by your specifications and our product standards. If they are good to go, the completed transcript will be uploaded to your secure folder on the DAATS server in the Word document format. You will receive a mail alerting you that your transcript is now ready to be downloaded.

Why Choose Us?

We are a digital and audio transcription company based out of Adelaide, South Australia. We inaugurated our practice as far back as 2007 in Brisbane, and relocated to Adelaide in 2010. We are perfectionists at heart, and we believe in utmost care and dedication when it comes to getting your transcripts ready to go. Our client base includes major universities, large government organizations, legal professionals, hospitals, medical professionals, insurance firms, and similar places of business, service, and academia.

Strengthened by our robust 60-member team of highly experienced Australian proof-readers and transcriptionists, we have successfully completed large volumes of work with the stipulated deadline. We swear by punctuality because we understand you are probably on a clock too. We store your transcriptions and digital files  via our highly secure server based in Sydney, Australia. We ensure all communications are encrypted with 128 bit SSL to make sure all your data is perfectly safe with us.

Want more information or detail? Mail us at admin@daats.com.au or submit a quote enquiry form from our website for an immediate quote!