Frequently Asked Questions

 Is DAATS secure?

Digital & Audio Transcription Services respects the sensitivity of our clients materials entrusted to us for transcription. Clients may request a Confidentiality Agreement to be sent to them, or we are very happy to sign one provided by you. All transcriptions and audio files are the property of our client upon completion and Digital & Audio Transcription Services will make every effort to destroy any audio files or transcripts once deemed appropriate to do so. Our staff are bound by this same privacy policy.

Who are your staff?

Our team is personally picked by Tara to ensure that DAATS employs experienced, efficient and reliable staff who will deliver excellent service . Our staff have skills in a broad range of specialty areas so we are guaranteed to have the right person to complete your job.  All DAATS staff are Australian residents and we do not outsource any work offshore.

What influences turnaround?

Sound quality, number of pauses, clarity of the speakers (mumbling/ background chatter, children), whether the speaker is speaking coherently, level of punctuation required etc all contribute to the speed at which the typist can accurately transcribe.

What are your customer support hours?

We guarantee that our email and phone is monitored between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (ACST). Whilst we cannot guarantee our availability outside these hours, a lot of the time Tara is working and your call or email will be answered promptly. if you need to speak with us outside these hours send us an email with your phone number and a date and time and we’ll call you at that time.

Are you hiring?

DAATS has a policy of hiring the best transcribers we can find. If you would like to join our team of excellent transcribers, please apply here.



Do you transcribe verbatim?

Verbatim transcription transcribes every word. Semi-verbatim transcription transcribes phrasing and sentence structure exactly but ‘cleans up’ the extras such as ‘er’ and ‘um’. Conversational transcription is transcription that maintains what was said, while producing a document that is publication-ready. We provide professionals that can transcribe whichever way you choose.

When are timestamps placed (if requested)?

Timestamps are measured from the start of the audio and are inserted at the beginning of each speaker change, and if appropriate, for instance in audio files with long monologues, at paragraph breaks.

What format are the finished transcripts delivered in?

Most finished transcripts are delivered to your inbox in Word format. Please contact us if you have other requirements.

How long does it take to transcribe one hour of recording?

It takes a minimum of four (4) hours to transcribe a one hour tape and could take up to 6 to 8 hours depending on the quality of the tape. Focus groups, meetings, conferences and seminars could take much longer to transcribe because of multi voices/speakers and the quality of the tape, i.e. language, technical terms, etc.


Fees & Payments

Do you have any hidden costs?

We assess your file, confirm the project price and turnaround time prior to starting your job so you know the final cost. We will contact you immediately if there is any problem with the audio that may affect the quoted price . We never wait until after a job is complete to discuss a problem.

Customer satisfaction

How will I know what’s happening with my job?

The turnaround time for one audio hour is normally 2-3 days. If you have a larger project, your transcripts will be sent to you as they are individually completed, rather than in one large batch. If you have not received your transcript within the expected time frame, simply email us and we will let you know when to expect it.

File transfer

My audio files are too big and I can’t upload?

Many .wav files are too large to send electronically. You can use this wav file converter to compress the file and send.

What file types does DAATS accept?

We accept files on DVD, CD and all size cassettes. Using the latest technology we are able to transcribe virtually all digital file formats.

Do you accept downloads from third-party sites such as YouSendIt?

Digital & Audio Transcription Services use the secure file transfer company ShareFile. Using this feature you will be able to safely and securely upload your files.



How many speakers are too many?

Generally if there are three or more participants it becomes difficult to provide an accurate transcript. To achieve the best possible audio ensure you have adequate microphones for the size of the group and ensure each participant states their name at the beginning of the recording, so they can be identified. For even better identification ask each participant to state their name each time they are speaking. Always test first to make sure all participants can be heard.

What quality of audio does DAATS accept?

We accept all kinds of audio quality but bear in mind that difficult or poor audio quality will affect the pricing of the job. For best results, see our Audio Tips.

What is meant by difficult audio quality?

Difficult audio is audio that is harder to transcribe. Difficult audio includes accents, technical language (medical, legal, foreign words, industry-specific), meetings with multiple speakers, noise (background, foreground, etc), talking fast, and muffled or quiet recordings.

How do I convert my audio file into MP3?

You can use this wav file converter.