We provide friendly, reliable transcription services to businesses, individuals, organisations and companies anywhere, nationally and internationally.

We specialise in – academic transcription, business transcription, insurance transcription, interview transcription, legal transcription, medical transcription, research transcription, police transcription.

Current clients include a wide range of professionals and businesses, who benefit from our online transcription service. Our clients vary and no job is too big or small.

Digital & Audio Transcription Services transcribe all types of recording, which include interviews, meetings, conferences, teleconferences, focus groups, presentations, reports, scope of works, panel discussions, surveys and hearings.

We are here to service all industries, which include – medical, scientific, finance, legal, insurance, academic, authors, technology, research, publications, communications, reporting, consulting and more.


Digital & Audio Transcription Services aim to deliver a high level of accuracy based on the quality of all recordings being clear and audible. Good quality audio means your transcription will be completed faster and more accurately – saving you money. We have voice recorders available for hire at a reasonable cost.

File Formats

We accept files on DVD, CD and all size cassettes. Using the latest technology we are able to transcribe virtually all digital file formats. We transcribe dictations recorded using Olympus DSS Player Pro and Express Scribe for digital transcription. Due to their large size, files in wav format can be converted to a compressed format, for example – wma or mp3 in order to send via the Internet. You can use this wav file converter.

Secure File Transfer

Digital & Audio Transcription Services use the secure file transfer company ShareFile. Using this feature you will be able to safely and securely upload your files.


Digital & Audio Transcription Services respects the sensitivity of our clients’ materials entrusted to us for transcription. Clients may request a Confidentiality Agreement to be sent to them, or we are very happy to sign one provided by you. All transcriptions and audio files are the property of our client upon completion and Digital & Audio Transcription Services will make every effort to destroy any audio files or transcripts once deemed appropriate to do so.

Digital & Audio Transcription Services uses experienced contract typists who are bound by the same privacy policy stated here, as well as any Confidentiality Agreements agreed to by Digital & Audio Transcription Services.

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