Digitisation of VHS and Audio tapes

Convert Tape to Digital

In an age controlled by rapid digital progress, it is nice to reminisce, in the past when VHS tapes and audio cassettes stored our most loved memories. Nevertheless, time tends to make these analog formats perish and die. This makes it even more urgent to transform tape to digital, so that our past can survive and be preserved in digital media today.

DAATS provides a high-quality answer to this contemporary problem. We provide a specialized service, which enables, both individuals as well as businesses, to transform audio tape with quality and particular care. The fact that the magnetic strips in tapes are subject to wear, damage, and environmental hazards does make sense that there is a need to convert tape to digital.

Why Convert Tape to Digital with DAATS?

Enduring Quality: With every time a tape is played, it is exposed to wear, which may cause the damage to be irrevocable. In the process of audio tape conversion, you immortalize its content guaranteeing a repeated view without a quality loss.

Ease of Access and Sharing: Digital files are rather easy to share, copy or upload at online platforms. When you digitize tape, however, sharing precious moments with your friends, family or the world, is an easy-flow process.

Space Efficiency: A multitude of tapes may take up a lot of space in your home or storage. Audio tape conversion, on the other hand, is like compressing these physical objects into small digital files that are convenient and space saving.

Adapting to Modernity: Digital version is advisable as the tape player continues to disappear to ensure that you have happen to have it and that you devices will play it in years to come.

No other commitment is of the kind DAATS brings. Appreciating the sentimental and historical value of tapes, our group uses the latest technology in converting them, and with only very few exceptions, the converted recordings look better than the original. When you opt for DAATS, you are giving your recordings to professionals who care for every tape and deal with each one with respect and professionalism.

Conversion is not only a technological process, but it is also a communication between the past and the future. It is actually, of making certain that the laughter, tears, music and stories locked in the analog domain will keep on echoing in our quickly digitising world.

In the big canvas of life, memories are threads that link our stories. Do not make them become hidden away in old drawers and crumbling boxes. Digitize your tape with DAATS, and your memories will live for eternity in perfect sound ready to be reviewed, re-lived, and respected by generations to come.


With DAATS, VHS cassettes and audio cassettes of any size can be converted. We can convert to formats, audio formats such as MP3 for transcription or for your own personal records.

In the past, DAATS has converted many VHS tapes and audio tapes of oral histories, research projects, and radio content that’s ready for transcription. All content is either copied on a USB stick for your records or transferred on to our server for further downloading onto your own server or personal device.

Australia Audio and Video Tape Conversions.

The most recent projects of DAATS have been of converting and transcribing sit-ups of 200 VHS tapes and around 500 audio tapes of interviews hold approximately 8 years before. Our team transcribed the data to the digital format of all audio tapes for our customer. The audio tapes were all turned into MP3 with the audios and transcripts sent to the client.

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