Academic Research Transcriptions

Academic Transcription Services

DAATS works with researchers from all major universities who conduct interviews, phone interviews, focus groups and discussions. These recordings often contain difficult audio, terminology and heavy accents.  DAATS contractors are highly experienced in completing these academic transcripts with a high level of accuracy.

DAATS will provide you with fast, professional and accurate transcripts to ensure you have all the requirements to complete your analysis.

All our prices are per minute of audio without rounding up or rounding down so you pay for the exact length of the audio and nothing more.

Also included in our rate, is the proof reading of you transcripts which a lot of our competitors do not include but instead, charge you extra for.

Our highly experienced proof readers listen to your audio whilst reading the transcript to ensure the accuracy of your transcript is of the highest level.

We can provide your transcript in any layout that you provide and can also supply in formats such as NVivo.

For more information please email us – or fill in a quote enquiry form for an immediate quote.